Victims Left Behind We Hear You!


Message from Alexis Moore founder Survivors In Action:

 Everyday Survivors In Action receives hundreds of facebook posts, tweets and emails from victims of crime desperate for help! We hear you! We know your pain, frustration and feeling of abandonment from today’s crime victim resources. The resources that exist today do over refer, ignore and do what feels like and is in many cases everything possible to avoid providing direct support. A referral is probably what you have received and that is if you even got beyond the hotlines, forms and road blocks that exist today for victims.

Tragically, Survivors In Action is not capable of helping everyone in need. In fact we struggle and work hard however,  our volunteers are working long hours volunteering while juggling their own full time careers, families and personal affairs to aid victims in need and still we cannot answer every desperate plea for help. We know that and that is why I am here to send this message today.

 What SIA can do with your support!

We can work together with victims left behind, their families and friends and those that love, serve and support them to help expose the realities faced by victims and help encourage law makers and officials around the globe to implement safeguards and oversight so that precious funding is not allocated to agencies that don’t provide direct support to victims for example.

The Reality: More and more victims are being left behind by agencies that are receiving millions in funding from government and the private sector! This has to stop!

We need this precious funding allocated to agencies like ours- those that provide direct support to victims regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status. Agencies that work hard to utilize a “victim centered approach” and most importantly an agency that puts the need of a victim ahead of their own special interests!

Thank you to the volunteers who have generously donated time, treasure and talent to SIA and other charities! We appreciate you! One person can make a difference!