Stalking & Cyber Abuse Victim Resource Reform
Survivors In Action is dedicated to ensuring victims of all forms of cyber abuse including cyberstalking, identity theft and cyberbullying have the tools they need to become survivors.
Teen Dating Violence
Survivors In Action is dedicated to eradicating all forms of abuse including teen dating violence. We are in the process of forming a Council on Teen Dating Violence & Abuse and recruiting volunteers and those impacted by teen abuse and teen dating violence to contribute in helping to create victim resource tools so that no victim is left behind.
Domestic Violence & Stalking Victim Resource Reform
Survivors In Action is advocating is leading the movement known as Domestic Violence and Stalking Victim Resource Reform. Domestic Abuse policy should be fair and gender neutral, and not discriminate based on age, sexual preference, ethnicity, profession or immigration status. We are seeking support from the US Oversight Committee to conduct an investigation of the present government funded victim service agencies at the national state and local level. The domestic violence service community is currently a self-regulated system that is broken. Government funding is allocated to agencies that that are not required to provide direct support to victims- this must change. Victims face enormous obstacles when trying to find assistance, and they must have a resource to document their experiences and to file a complaint when they are left behind.
Domestic Violence Prevention & Awareness Campaign
Breaking the cycle of intimate partner abuse begins with awareness and prevention. Our awareness campaign focuses on identifying intimate partner abuse of all kinds and educating individuals of all ages to Speak Out regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status.