Did you know that victims of domestic violence are often turned away, denied service or simply ignored when they reach out for help? Many victims get caught in a cycle of referrals, never receiving direct assistance and wasting valuable time, which could potentially put the victim in greater danger.
Without access to crucial services, more and more victims are forced to self-advocate. While this may work for some, most victims that are up against an aggressive perpetrator need assistance from a trained advocate, as well as shelter, legal help or medical treatment.

Many shelters and other organizations across the country are closing their doors and shutting down their hotlines due to the lack of resources, while the organizations that continue to receive the lion’s share of government funding often do not even provide direct services for victims. Many of them offer to train smaller non-profits, or provide reading material, which can be helpful but it is not enough. It is imperative that tougher regulations are put into place, and we are urging Congress to form an oversight committee to oversee local, state and federally funded service organizations and monitor grant spending.

It is essential that crime victim service providers are audited to ensure accountability, and that victims have an outlet where they can file a complaint or grievance against an organization that turned them away or denied service.

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